Bella Italia: The happiest people!

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Vacation in Italy with Italian Heritage ToursBella Italia: The Happiest People!

If you are in Italy and encounter a cheerful group of tourists smiling, singing, holding large shopping bags, taking a lot of pictures, licking an ice cream cone or enjoying pasta and wine in some cafe, you can be sure that they are on a tour conducted by the Italian Heritage Tours.

The fun continues! You should see them also telling jokes and chorally singing while riding the bus, wildly dancing or merrily walking downtown every night after dinner.

And what about their enthusiasm in sightseeing historic and cultural places, religious shrines and partying in country restaurants and wineries? They are exuberant.

What makes those people so happy? It is their feeling that they are getting exactly what they expected in a tour to the Bella Italia. They find the sightseeing very interesting, the scenery spectacular, the food more than delicious, the hotels excellent, the guide gracious, the fellow travelers very friendly and the daily activities full of fun.

No wonder at the end of the tour everybody hugs me and say: “Remo, Grazie! You made my dream come true!”

Remo Faieta


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